David Daney

Team leader of Auctus . Inria Research Scientist , at ensc ,

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  • At inria, 200 rue vieille tour, 33405 Talence cedex, France
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Robotics, Cobotics, Human Posture Analysis, Human-robot Interaction, Cable-driven robot, Parameters Identification, Calibration


Augmented hUman by CoboT for a Use in Symbiosis This research project if part of the design of collaborative robotics. The stakes of assisting the gesture of an industrial worker are important for our society because it leads to preserving the human and its expertise within a production unit, while improving its productivity.


PhD Students

Aurélien Massein 2015-2018

Design of Sensor Network for Human Activity Monitoring in Indoor Environmentsstrong> We investigated on evaluating sensor network quality for indoor activity monitoring. We based our criterion on intermediary informations related to the person's actions within its indoor environment, such as its presence in precise regions or its interaction with specific objects. More precisely, we narrowed our problem on studying reliability of presence mainly and interaction features of an action using the notion of region from set arithmetic. We therefore defined two close-linked notions : Interest Region for relevant Human positions or uses for an action and Coverage Region effective space measured by sensors. We combined those two notions into a Confusion Matrix, and applied the F-measure to express reliability of an action's feature. Network's quality is maximal when a relevant feature is well-covered and well-detected by sensors. As we have several reliabilities, we resorted to generate a set of pareto non-dominated solutions.

PostDoc, Engineers

Jessica Colombel 2017-2018, Kombos

Thomas Lestage 2017-2018, Kombos

Anna Pugach 2017-2019 PosTex

Collective Activities

Current conferences organisation


Kombos: Gesture analysis of manufacturing workers

Nouvelle Aquitaine AIO -- see Numii

ADT PosTex

FP7 - ICT - 2013.5.3 RAPP

[2013-2017] An open-source software platform for developers to easily create and deliver robotics apps dedicated to social inclusion of elderly people.

Industrial partners


The ULLO partner startup (http://www.ullo-world.fr) is working on connected textile for medical applications. However, within PosTex, it is necessary to adapt its composition to the desired properties and master the techniques of assembly (sewing) to maximize the identifiability of human movements and reduce embedded electronics.


AIO is the key player for European assembly industries in their various CSR approaches. This “smart low tech” company excels in the foremost European automobile constructors and the massive aeronautical companies, who in turn are opting for more efficient, more human, more “health and safety” and greener factories of the future.