Anke BROCK (PhD)

Assistant Professor at ENAC Toulouse in the LII research team.

Since 10/2017, I am an Assistant Professor at ENAC Toulouse, France, in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. From 10/2014 to 09/2017, I worked as a Research Scientist (CR1) at Inria Bordeaux, France, and at LaBRI, University Bordeaux, and I am still an associate researcher for both institutions. From 12/2013 to 09/2014, I was a Postdoctoral Researcher at IRIT Toulouse and Teaching Assistant at the University of Toulouse, France. Prior to my career in academia I have worked as an Engineer in Research & Development at Bosch (Hildesheim, Germany). During this time (2004 - 2009), I have worked on car navigation systems and driver assistance systems.
I obtained a PhD (2013) and a Master's Degree (2010) in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Toulouse, France. I also hold an engineering diploma in Information Technology from Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart, Germany (2004).


FlyMap: Interacting with Maps Projected from a Drone
We propose FlyMap as a novel user experience for drone-based interactive maps. We designed and developed three interaction techniques for FlyMap's usage scenarios. In a comprehensive indoor study, we show the strengths and weaknesses of two techniques on users' cognition, task load, and satisfaction. FlyMap was then pilot tested with the third technique outdoors in real world conditions with four groups of participants. We show that FlyMap's interactivity is exciting to users and opens the space for more direct interactions with drones.
Published at PerDis'18

Multisensory maps for the blind
MapSense is a multi-sensory interactive map for visually impaired children providing audio, tactile and olfactory cues. We deployed MapSense in a special education institute during two days. It enables collaborations between children with a broad range of impairments, proposes reflective and ludic scenarios and allows caretakers to customize it as they wish. A field experiment reveals that both children and caretakers considered the system successful and empowering.
Published at CHI'16

Bespoke map customization
we present the first study of naturalistic (“bespoke”) map customization behavior. Through a mixed methods and mixed-media approach involving a survey, the analysis of a corpus of customized maps, and an interview with a power user, we find that bespoke map customization is a relatively common activity and identify frequent use cases as well as map customization strategies. Published at MUM'17

Accessible gestural interaction
We investigated how gestural interaction can be integrated in accessible interactive maps that combine multi-touch displays and a raised-line overlay.
Published at Eurohaptics 2014

3D printed interactive accessible maps
With the emergence of 3D printing and low-cost microcontrollers, it is now easy to design affordable interactive small-scale models (SSM). In collaboration with a specialized teacher, we designed a SSM and a raised-line map (RLM) representing the evolution of the geography and history of a fictitious kingdom. The study showed that the interactive SSM improved both space and text memorization as compared to the RLM with braille legend. (postdoc Stéphanie Giraud).
Published in Frontiers in Psychology - Human-Media Interaction

Code the globe
We present a framework for developing applications for multitouch spherical displays that makes it possible to create interactive content by programming standard GUI applications, as for example interactive web pages. (PhD Thomas Crespel, collaboration with Patrick Reuter)
Published at PerDis'17

Personalization of Museum Visits
Museums today are competing with the entertainment industry to attract visitors. Personalizing museum visits, depending on visitors’ preferences, is one possible solution for making museums more attractive. In this project, we work on designing tools for museum professionals as well as for visitors.
Work in Progress at IHM'18

Usability of accessible interactive maps & spatial cognition
We conducted a user study with 24 blind people, demonstrating that interactivity improves usability of accessible geographic maps, and evaluated resulting spatial cognition.
Published in Human-Computer Interaction (T&F) 2015

Combining the Kinect camera and a multi-touch screen for finger tracking during the exploration of tactile maps by blind people.
Work-In-Progress at CHI 2012

I have mentored the following Postdocs:

Name Institution Topic Co-Supervisors Year
L. Thévin Inria Bordeaux Designing mixed reality systems for visually impaired people since 12/2017
S. Giraud IRIT, University Toulouse 3D printed interactive accessible maps C. Jouffrais 08/2015 – 08/2016

I have advised the following PhD students:

Name Degree Topic Co-Supervisors Year
S. Rey PhD Université Bordeaux Design and evaluation of a tool for the personalization of museum visits N. Couture (ESTIA) & C. Bortolaso (Berger Levrault) starting 03/2017

I have advised the following master and bachelor students:

Name Degree Topic Co-Supervisors Year
Y. Fatmi, F. Franco, S. Guilbert, J. Manère Master2 Human-Computer Interaction Tangible Tool for the Personalization of Museum Visits C. Picard, S. Rey 2018/19
L. Chevrier ENAC Engineering Diploma (2nd year) Accessible Human-Drone Interaction J. Garcia 2017/18
P. Maurieras ENAC Engineering Diploma (2nd year) Tangible Tool for the Personalization of Museum Visits C. Picard, S. Rey 2017/18
M. Aatef, S. Da Silva, P. Martinet, C. Robin ENAC Engineering Diploma (2nd year) Graphical User Interface for the Personalization of Museum Visits C. Picard, S. Rey 2017/18
J. Albouys-Perrois Master 2 ENSC & Enseirb Development of an augmented reality map for visually impaired people M. Hachet 2016/17
J. Kelway Master 2 Cognitive Sciences Bordeaux Assistive Technologies for Students with Motor Disabilities P. Guitton 2016/17
C. Rigaud Licence 2 (2nd year Bachelor) Mathematics for Social Sciences Bordeaux Interactive globe application for a spherical display P. Reuter 2015/16
C. Coeurderoy & V. Sudret Enseirb Bordeaux Storytelling GPS J. Chatain 2015/16
J. Chatain Master EPFL Lausanne Interactive map for subjective expression M. Hachet, D. Laval 2014/15
H. Lamqaddam Master 2 HCI Toulouse Interactive 2D/3D map for the Neocampus project E. Dubois, M. Serrano 2014/15
A. Dax Master 2 HCI Toulouse Tangible Interaction for blind people C. Jouffrais, M. Macé, P. Truillet, J. Ducasse 2014/15
M. Demangeat Master 1 Sciences Cognitives Evaluation of interactive devices for a museum M. Hachet 2014/15
K. Bergua, J. Bourdiol, C. Carrère, J. Ducasse Master 2 HCI Toulouse Tangible interaction for accessible maps C. Jouffrais, E. Dubois 2013/14
H. Jonin Master 1 HCI Toulouse Non-visual interaction for spatial exploration on tablets C. Jouffrais, M. Simonnet 2013
S. Razali Master 1 HCI Toulouse Learning Itineraries on accessible maps C. Jouffrais 2013
A. Paoleschi Licence 3 (3rd year Bachelor) CS Toulouse Gestural Interaction on accessible maps C. Jouffrais, P. Truillet 2012
A. Buron, S. Dijoux, A. Dunikowski, R. Le Morvan, A. Lemaire Master 1 CS Toulouse Finger Tracking and recognition C. Jouffrais, P. Truillet 2012
C. Ménard Master 1 Intelligent Systems Toulouse Finger tracking and recognition combining multi-touch and Kinect C. Jouffrais, P. Truillet 2011


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We received a Honorable Mention Award at MUM'17 for:
Brock, A., et al. (2017). Bespoke Map Customization Behavior and Its Implications for the Design of Multimedia Cartographic Tools.
We received a Best Poster Award at IHM'18 for:
Rey, S., et al. (2018). Totem de Personnalisation : Conception d’une Interface Tangible pour le Choix de Parcours de Visite dans les Musées.


I am co-reponsible for the Master2 in Human-Computer Interaction at ENAC, Toulouse (with P. Palanque, IRIT - University Toulouse). I have been teaching since 2010 at University of Toulouse, France. I have also taught at Enseirb-MatMeca Engineering School in Bordeaux and the Master Cognitive Science at the University Bordeaux.

Classes in Human-Computer Interaction

  • multi-touch and gestural interaction
  • multimodality
  • accessibility
  • ergonomic criteria and evaluations
  • participatory design
    at Enseirb Bordeaux; Master Cognitive Science at University Bordeaux;
    Master Human-Computer Interaction, Master Intelligent Systems & Master Cognitive Ergonomics & Human Factors at University Toulouse


  • Programming Languages Ada, C, Caml
  • Programming of mathematical algorithms in Ada
  • Java data structures
    at University Toulouse


  • UML
  • Computer Science Certificate (Office Applications)
    at University Toulouse

    I also participated in the MOOC "Se former pour l'Informatique et Création Numérique" (Learning about Computer Science and Digital Creation) with an introductory lecture about HCI.

  • Other Information

    Awards for my research

  • 2015: Ifrath PhD Award
  • 2014: Thesis Innovation Award by Toulouse Metropole and Toulouse Academy of Science
  • 2013: Novela Award by the city of Toulouse
  • 2012: Anita Borg EMEA Scholarship awarded by Google

    Conference Organization

  • CHI 2019: Diversity Lunch Co-Chair with N. Goyal, G. Kannabiran & A. Peters
  • ASSETS 2018: Registration Chair
  • CHI 2018: Diversity Lunch Co-Chair with A. Druin, N. Goyal & G. Kannabiran
  • CHI 2017: Diversity Lunch Co-Chair with A. Druin & G. Kannabiran
  • MUM 2017: Social Media Chair
  • ASSETS 2016: Microsoft Student Research Competition Co-Chair with D. Flatla
  • CHI 2016: Diversity Co-Chair with D. Busse, G. Kannabiran & D. Szostak
  • IHM 2015: Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair with C. Letondal
  • womENcourage 2015: Panel Co-Chair with J. Cauchard

  • Program Committee Member

  • PerDis 2019: Program Committee Member
  • CHI 2018: Program Committee Member
  • IHM 2018: Program Committee Member
  • ASSETS 2017: TACCESS Special Issue Chair
  • ASSETS 2017: Program Committee Member
  • ASSETS 2016: Program Committee Member
  • MUM 2016: Program Committee Member
  • ITS 2015: Program Committee Member

  • Poster Committee Member

  • W4A 2018: web accessibility challenge jury
  • CHI 2017: Late Breaking Work Committee Member
  • MUM 2016: Poster Committee Member
  • ASSETS 2015: Poster Committee Member
  • ITS 2014: Poster Committee Member
  • MobileHCI 2014: Poster Committee Member

  • Workshop Organization and Committee Member

  • IHM 2016: Committee Member for the Workshop "HCI for education and training"
  • MuC15: Co-Organizer of the Workshop "Accessible Interaction for Visually Impaired People"
  • CHI 2014: Co-Organizer of the Workshop «Perspectives on Gender and Product Design»
  • CHI 2013: Program committee member 3rd Workshop on Mobile Accessibility

  • Reviewing for Journals

  • ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing (TACCESS)
  • Behaviour & Information Technology
  • IEEE Transactions on Haptics
  • International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
  • JACCESS Journal of Accessibility and Design for all
  • Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage

  • Reviewing for Conferences

  • ASSETS (since 2016)
  • CHI (since 2014)
  • EICS (since 2014)
  • Eurohaptics (since 2012)
  • Handicap (since 2016)
  • Haptics Symposium (since 2016)
  • IHM (since 2013)
  • Interact (since 2015)
  • ITS (since 2014)
  • MobileHCI (since 2014)
  • NordiCHI (since 2014)
  • Ubicomp (since 2016)
  • UIST (since 2014)
  • TEI (since 2016)
  • WomENcourage (since 2014)

  • Community Service

  • Deputy Board Member at Femmes&Sciences (since 2016)
  • Member of the Inria Gender Equality Committee (2016- 2017)
  • Member of the Committee for Young Researchers at Inria Bordeaux (2016 - 2017)

  • Invited Talks

  • HCI Lab, University Stuttgart, Germany (07/2017)
  • Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences dept, Italian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy (04/2017)
  • Stanford HCI Group, Stanford University, USA (05/2016)
  • HERE, Berkeley, USA (05/2016)
  • Immersion, Bordeaux, France (04/2016)
  • Interact Lab, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK (02/2016)
  • DFKI Saarbruecken, Germany (11/2015)
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne, Switzerland (08/2015)
  • University Stuttgart, Germany (08/2014)
  • University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA (07/2014)
  • OFFIS, University Oldenburg, Germany (03/2014)
  • ISIR, University Paris 6, France (02/2014)
  • Bosch Corporate Research, Schwieberdingen, Germany (07/2013)
  • PsyClé Lab, University Aix Marseille, France (04/2013)
  • Sachi Lab, St. Andrews, Scotland (10/2011)

  • Science Outreach

  • Regular talks and demos in regional high schools and at University Bordeaux with the local group of "femmes & sciences"
  • Speaker at TEDxUTC, Compiègne, France (01/2016)
  • Panel speaker at the "colloque femmes & sciences" (women in science annual meeting), Toulouse, France (11/2015)
  • Panel speaker at the "Journées Femmes et Informatique" (women and computing days) of the Société Informatique de France (French association on computing) (02/2015)
  • Presenting Inria at Aquitec (job fair for high school students in Bordeaux) (01/2015)
  • Talk about my research and HCI in general at the Girls' Day for Mathematics at University Toulouse (12/2014)
  • Project «Champs Libres»: Presentation and demonstration of my work to the visitors of the Museum of Natural History in Toulouse (03/2014)
  • During the Novela Science Festival in Toulouse I was interviewed about my PhD project in front of approximately 500 people (10/2013)
  • Talk about my PhDResearch at Doc2Me Seminar for Computer Science Graduate Students, IRIT, University Toulouse, France (03/2012)

  • Press Coverage

  • Interview about the VISTE project on Ludovia Magazine (in French)
  • Inria video about my work as a research scientist
  • Podcast about my PhD project (April 2015)
  • Interview for the Inria website for International Women's Day (March 2015)
  • Interview for Inria's Plug'In magazine (February 2015)
  • Report on the website of the "cherchons pour voir" association (December 2014)
  • Report on EENews includes my presentation at the Eurohaptics Conference (July 2014)
  • Report on website of the «Femmes et Sciences» association (March 2014)
  • Report about my project in «Stuttgarter Zeitung / Kornwestheimer Zeitung» (June 2012) - in German
  • Contact

    Anke Brock
    ENAC Toulouse
    7, avenue Edouard Belin
    31055 Toulouse Cedex 4
    Phone: + 33 (0)5 62 17 40 52