I was born in Brazil, but spent most of my life in Argentina, where I got my Software Engineering degree. During my studies, I initially focused on artificial intelligence, but then moved to computer graphics and computer vision. Currently I am doing a PhD at Inria (France), working on Spatial Augmented Reality. The research questions driving my PhD are:

  1. How can we interact with an augmented physical world?
  2. How can this interaction enrich our daily life?

In order to answer that, we borrow inspiration from related fields such as Tangible User Interfaces, Ubiquitous Computing and Multi-Display Environments.

Recent Work

Hybrid Mixed Reality Environments

A proof of concept exploring the combination of Spatial Augmented Reality and Immersive head mounted displays.
Accepted at 3DUI '17 (Tech-note). Learn more

Inner Garden

A mixed reality sandbox for mindfulness. A world in miniature that evolves according to the user's inner state, and allows the user to travel inside. We discussed the system with meditation practioners and experts.
Accepted at CHI '17 (Honorable mention). Learn more

Tangible Viewports

Interacting with augmented physical objects as part of the desktop environment.
Published at TEI '16. Learn more

Inner Garden (work in progress)

An augmented sandbox for introspection. A world in miniature that evolves according to the user's inner state.
Published at TEI '16 (Work in Progress). Watch teaser

Temporally Coherent Video De-Anaglyph

Recovering the original full color video pair out of an anaglyph video.
Published as a poster at SIGGRAPH 2014. Learn more

Older Work

Most of my undergrad works are in Spanish, but if you want you can check them here.

Thesis - Recomendación de usuarios en Twitter basada en topología

How can we infer users' similarity and interests without taking into account the actual content? The story includes Markov random chains, the struggles to stay up to date with Twitter's API, and a alternative recommendation algorithm to the one from twitter.

Recomendación de usuarios basada en la topología de la red social

Work in progress of what ended up being my thesis. Published at EST 11, a student competition part of JAIIO 40.

Optimización de Atlas de Textura Utilizando Compactación de Polígonos por Simulación Física

This work explores using 2D physic simulation in order to pack Texture atlases (images populated by smaller sub-images). Published at WAVI III, a video game workshop.

Framework de Algoritmos Evolutivos para la Formación Automática de Grupos de Aprendizaje

Exploration of evolutionary algorithms applied to group optimization, based on Belbin team roles. Published at EST 12, a student competition part of JAIIO 41.